Industrial Subsidy

Assistance for Quality Certification


1 Name of the Scheme
Scheme for financial assistance for Quality Certification
2 Operative Period
From 01/01/2015 to 31/12/2019
3 Who is eligible to get the benefit ?
The Enterprises engaged in manufacturing activity and registered as an industrial unit under MSME Development act, 2006 with respective DIC. (Excluding Renewal Charges of certification).
4 Eligible Expenditure
  • An eligible enterprise incurring expenditure for acquiring quality certificates such as ISI/WHO/GMP/Hallmark Certification and others National and International certification approved by Quality Council of India(QCI) ERP & ISO certification will be eligible for each.
  • The eligible expenditure will include:
    • Fees charged by certification agency
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system services provider approved by Industries Commissionerate.
    • Cost of testing equipments as required for certification.
    • Calibration charges of equipments
    • Consulting fees charges for obtaining ISO certification (excluding travel, hotel & surveillance charges)
    • ERP module is installed, shall having certificate for facility of product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance services and H.R.(All facility are to be attached by networking with server linkages)
5 Assistance available
  • The enterprises would be eligible for assistance under the each scheme mentioned as under collectively or individually.

1. ERP System:-

·         50% of capital cost for installing ERP system of approved ERP services provided by Industries Commissionerate subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 50,000/-.

2. ISO Certification:-

·         50% assistance for Consulting fees charges of obtaining ISO certification maximum amount of Rs.50,000/- .

3. National and International certification:-

    • 50% of all charges up to a maximum amount of Rs.5 lakhs paid for the WHO GMP, Hallmark Certification and others national and international certification.
    • 50% of cost of testing equipments and machinery required and purchased before of quality certification totalling up to maximum amount of Rs.10 lakhs enchased up to the date of certification or operative period whichever is earlier.
  • 50% of fees payable to recognized international certification authority
  • This scheme is supplementary to such scheme of GoI. However, in no case total assistance from GoG and GoI should exceed more than actual expenditure incurred by MSME for said purpose