Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know About CE Marking

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CE Marking

Before you buy a product, you check various essential information such as the manufacturing date of the product, the expiry date of the product and the basic ingredients of the product. Often, you might fail to notice one of the most essential requirements of any product which is – CE mark certification.

What is CE Marking?

CE mark is basically an approval to sell your products in European countries. This type of marking is compulsory if you are selling any electronic equipment or medical device. This mark will serve as a confirmation certificate that the product which you are selling are safe to use and will not cause any health hazard.

When a CE mark is present on a product, the manufacturer truly declares his sole responsibility and legal conformity in favor of the product. This allows the product to be eligible for sale throughout the European economic area.

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Countries That Require CE Marking

CE marking is not required by the countries under the central European free trade agreement. Other than these, it is compulsory to have CE marking on your product for rest of the European countries.

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know About CE Marking

1. CE marking is a confirmation that your product proves compliance with EU health, safety, and environmental protection. This marking ensures that your product meets the expectations of the European standard.

2. With CE marking, your product is eligible for selling not only in Europe but also in Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway!

3. You need to keep your CE marking certificates for a certain number of years depending upon the type of product you are selling in the market.

4. There is a similar logo to that of CE, which stands for ‘Chinese export’. This logo has nothing to do with CE, Thus, you need to make sure that your CE logo is as per the exact font style and size which will help the customers to differentiate.

5. The CE mark or as formerly known – EC mark stands for’ European conformity’.Due to this literal meaning, it is very easy for people to understand the concept of CE marking.

6. The CE marking cannot be affixed on the product itself. It has to be on the product’s packaging or the documents accompanying the product.

7. In certain cases, if your product has minimal risks, it can be self-certified. This means that you can affix CE marking on your own product.

Here is the procedure you need to follow in case of self-certification

Identify The Applicable Directives For Your Product

It is important to know that not every product requires CE marking. There are more than 20 sector products which require CE marking. These products are limited to – pressure equipment, electrical equipment, toys, PPE, machines, medical devices wireless devices and construction products.

Identify The Requirements For The Directives

Each product has different criteria for conformity depending upon the intended use of the product and its classification. Thus, there is a certain number of requirement which a product has to fulfill before being placed in the market. These requirements which are known as ‘ harmonized standards’ can be identified by searching for the ‘official journal’ on the European commission’s website.

Identify The Appropriate Route For Conformity

There are various routes for the confirmation of your product under CE marking. Although, it depends upon your product’s classification. Certain products can be self-certified while for some products and goods it is mandatory to consult a third party or a notified body.

Assessment of the Product
Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, the assessment of your product will be made. This will be on the basis of the harmonized factors identified in the second stage.

Compile The Technical And Legal Documents

The most important step for the confirmation of your product will be the documents related to your products. Your technical file should cover all the aspects which should include all the details regarding the design, development, and manufacture of the product.

Make The Declaration And Affix The CE Marking

When the manufacturer of the authorized person confirms that the products meet all the requirements of harmonized standards, an EU declaration of conformity must be completed. The requirement of this declaration may vary depending upon the product.

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