Availing a Patent in India – Benefits and Facts

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Availing a Patent in India- subsidy consultant

A patent is an exclusive right which is granted to an inventor by the government for a limited time period. This permit allows the inventor to disclose his/her invention to the public for a limited period of time. Various patents include software patents, biological patents, chemical patents, business method patent and many more. If you want to avail information about … Read More

Importance Of Food Safety Certificate And Why You Should Have It

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food safety certificate

If you are in a business that handles food or deals in anything related to food, then food safety certificate is very integral for your business. Before going ahead let us understand what food safety certificate means Food Safety Certificate Food safety certification is a third party verification which verifies that a food product meets the food safety standards. It … Read More

Here Are Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know About CE Marking

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CE Marking

Before you buy a product, you check various essential information such as the manufacturing date of the product, the expiry date of the product and the basic ingredients of the product. Often, you might fail to notice one of the most essential requirements of any product which is – CE mark certification. What is CE Marking? CE mark is basically … Read More