Availing a Patent in India – Benefits and Facts

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Availing a Patent in India- subsidy consultant

A patent is an exclusive right which is granted to an inventor by the government for a limited time period. This permit allows the inventor to disclose his/her invention to the public for a limited period of time. Various patents include software patents, biological patents, chemical patents, business method patent and many more.

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Often, an inventor might think whether the invention requires a patent or not. The first thing you should know is that a patent will allow you to claim the invention as your own and stop others from copying it. No manufacturer, seller or importer can sell or deal with your invention without your prior consent or permission.

A patent was invented with the idea to promote new inventions. When an applicant becomes granted to a patent for a particular invention, he/she becomes the owner of it. A patent ensures that the invention is not used in any unauthorized manner. A patent can be sold, bought and mortgaged and the rights to a patent are territorial bound.

A patent can be excellent to keep the competitors at bay. As you are the only one who has all rights to your exclusive invention, no other competitors or manufacturers can copy your invention. This gives you the power to stand out of the crowd as your product will be different from what is being offered in the market by rest of the sellers. You can also sell your patent to others for them to use it just like any other asset.

     Benefits of registering for a patent in India

1. Exclusive access to the invention

Patent filing in India provides various remarkable advantages to the inventor. Once you have filed the provisional application, no other person can claim the invention for at least 12 months. After 12 months, a non-provisional application has to be filed with complete claims and descriptions. During this time period, if any other person tries to claim the invention as their own, the request is simply rejected.

2. Making profit via licensing or selling your invention

Once the patent has been granted the owner can do anything with the patent for a valid time period of 20 years in India. Within this specific time period, no other organization is allowed to use or sell your invention in any way or form. However, if one wishes to do so- they will need your prior consent to do the same.

3. Safeguarding good market status

When you patent your invention/ product, this itself signifies that you are confident enough about your product and you believe that no other manufacturers or competitors can match up with your invention. This will instigate a good image in the market and attract more customers to you.

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